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Flashback Batman Movies and Lego Batman Review


Have you been to see the new Lego Batman movie?

The latest movie to be released on this popular character, Lego Batman is expected to have great reviews now and in the upcoming weeks.

Batman, the fictional character created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, whose release to the screens in the 1940’s grew the franchise bigger than ever thought possible.

Batman was originally published by DC Comics. It has since released movies not only in the 1940’s but also the 1960’s. 80’s and 90’s and continues to do so to this day with Lego Batman.

Well, the people behind the scenes of this movie character and series are certainly doing something right! It is the 5th highest grossing movie series in North America and 1 of 5 movies to earn over 1 Billion dollars in two of its releases.

If you’re a fan and watch our show, “Poppin movie reviews” presented by Harree Siraj, and are contemplating heading to the cinema to watch this new movie, then check out our review below.

If you like comics at all then this movie may just be your next big movie hype.

Lego Batman

Batman has had some press lately, although the bat fan base has collectively agreed we love Ben Affleck as Batman. He’s unfortunately been a good Batman in two bad movies.

Lego Batman however….it’s pretty great.

Starring Will Arnet as the raspy-voiced vigilante, Batman is made to be overly arrogant and obnoxious. Singing his own theme tune and rapping about how great he is despite Gotham protesting he’s actually not very good at his job.

Batman’s classic rogue’s gallery makes their appearance including joker, Bane, the Riddler, Harley Quinn and even some lesser-known villains such as the clock King and King Tut.

Robin is also introduced in this film and hilariously played by Michael Cera. The overly excited completely danger unaware Robin was our favorite part of the film, he’s funny, it’s clearly an exaggerated mock of the classic 60’s Robin and it works perfectly when all the characters look like Lego.

The Batman-Joker dynamic in Lego Batman is hilarious. The basic plot is joker wants to prove him and Batman are “a thing”. That he’s Batman’s greatest enemy and they’re “meant to be”, to which, Batman consistently denies.

This relationship angle on the forever fighting duo was fun to watch.

The Comedy was great!

The film also pays homage to almost everything Batman for the past 75 years. It refers all the movies back to the 1940’s Batman serial. Although the 60’s tv show was well before my time it was still doing the rounds on TV while the Millenials were growing up. It was great to see this movie reference and intimidate a lot of what made that tv show so great.

Granted many kids will miss these references, it’s more of a reason for adults to enjoy this film as well.

The only issue was that the humor was a little too quick at times. It’s machine gun humor and the jokes are almost in every part of the dialogue. This is hilarious at first but slightly tiring after a while.

Also, the film kept behaving as though it was going to end. The day kept getting saved and the movie kept feeling like it was finally coming to a close. It would then kick-start all over again.

Despite that Lego Batman is great fun and gladly doesn’t take itself too seriously, openly mocking Batman’s mythos and his fans while paying homage to everything great about the character, the film is a great standalone kids movie.

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