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Google announce ‘Home Speaker’ Available in June for UK


Google will launch its Echo competitor smart speaker in the UK before the end of June.


Today, the company revealed its plan to release its speaker to the UK in June at the Mobile World Congress trade show located in Barcelona.

It is thought to compete with amazon’s successful Echo range that was released in the UK mid-October.

Google states that its speaker can support lengthy conversations in which follow-up questions are used after their first statement.

The companies hardware chief Rick Osterloh told reporters that data collected through android phones has allowed them to perfect knowing exactly what the user wants by identifying specific keywords and phrases.

In terms of physical looks, Google home can be customised to match the décor of your room, it has changeable bases that come in a variety of colours. LED lights light up and let you know that it is working.

The designers state that although it isn’t portable like the echo – it allows the speaker to have considerably better speaker performance than the echo as well as multi-room technology to follow its release.

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