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BeatMoovz Is The Amazing Wearable Tech Adds a Soundtrack To Your Life

BeatMoovz London Toy Fair 2017

At some point, we’ve all wished we had a soundtrack to our life, just like in the movies. BeatMoovz is one step closer to that being a reality.

BeatMoovz is the wearable tech like no other. Other wearable tech tracks your movements to show you how many calories you’ve burnt, others send notifications from your phone to your wrist. BeatMoovz, however, tracks your movement to create music.

With The BeatMoovz wristbands, you create your own beats as you move. You can programme it with over 400 sounds, including hip hop beats, robotic sounds and kung fu sound effects.

Our junior clubit presenters had great fun with BeatMooz at London Toy Fair. You can watch the video below.

With this exciting product, you can fasten the band to your wrist and ankles and not only does your it convert your actions into music, but also into on-screen visuals! Just imagine what you can do with a touch of creativity! Whilst being great fun, they can also be incredible for musicians, dancers, performers and artists.

BeatMoovz at London Toy Fair
BeatMoovz at London Toy Fair

You no longer have to move to the beat. The beat is created to your movement.

BeatMoovz is expected to be available around June and will cost around £49.99.

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