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3 Exciting Future Tech Releases That Might Happen

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We live in a time in which technology affects our work life, business life and maybe even our personal life.

Technology is now a necessity for careers, health, communication and much more. This is why we decided to share with you 3 future tech releases that might happen.

3 Future Tech Products

1Uber Flying Taxi

We imagine that flying cars etc.. are a thing of the next 100 years. From the look of things, it looks like we could live in that world within the next 10 years!

Uber have committed to innovating on short journey flight technology. They are their eyes on Vertical take off, to offer customers a choice on how the reach their destination.

The VTOL aircraft vehicle (Vertical Take Off and Landing) will fly like an airplane but land like a helicopter. There’s no use for a runway either.

With the help from the military research and Defense Advance Research Project Agency (DARPA), this looks like it may happen sooner that we think!

We have a video on the first passenger drone which Dubai want to use as a taxi in summer 2017. Check that out below.

2Apple Virtual/Augmented Reality Headset

Although Apple is yet to release an official statement on whether they are developing a Virtual/Augmented reality, during an interview last year, Tim Cook; CEO of Apple mentioned that he thought “In terms of VR, I don’t think it’s a niche. It’s really cool and has some interesting applications.”.

In recent months, Apple has also acquired numerous virtual reality companies and increased their ‘Secret’ VR employee base which may suggest a new VR product in the designing phase.

In early January, a Carl Zeiss employee (German Lens/optical company) leaked information about a partnership between Apple and Carl Zeiss. This may be related to the patent apple filled in October 2016 (pictured above) that depicts a “Head-Mounted Device”.

Although this is not concrete evidence that apple is developing a VR product; it does give us a good idea of the general direction of apple products we can expect in the near future.

3Alo – The Concept SmartPhone

Smartphones are probably one of the most important pieces of tech to hit us in the last 10 years, well this concept smartphone has taken it up a notch, or two!

Here are some key features of this future tech smartphone.

  • Designed by an award-winning designer Philippe Starcke
  • No user interface, completely voice controlled
  • Displays will be 3D holograms projected from the device into the air.
  • Notifications operate on changes in temperature and vibrations.

Check out our video on the Alo smartphone

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