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3 Super Expensive Children’s Toys

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Everyone knows how expensive children’s toys can be. Once a toy becomes a collectors item, the prize can increase significantly. The 3 super expensive children’s toys can’t be found in your average toy store and will set you back quite a bit of money.

3SteiffTeddy Bear

Steiff is best known for it’s stuffed animal toys and has been producing some of the since 1880. Their teddy bears range from around £30, all the way up to around £750.

For Steiff’s 125th anniversary, the company made 125 golden bears, each with 125 karats of diamonds and a 24 karat gold medallion. At the time, they sold for $84,000 (£67,838), however, as time went on their value increased and the last known sale of one of these special edition bears was for the eye-watering price of $193,000 (£155,909). Not a bad investment for the original owner.

2Diamond Choke Barbie

Barbie dolls could be found in most homes of children growing up since the 60s. They’ve always been relatively affordable and have included a huge range of special edition dolls. However, there was one Barbie doll that stood out from most.

The Diamond Choke Barbie was designed by Mattel Inc, in partnership with Australian fashion designer, Stefano Canturi. The outfit of the Diamond Choke Barbie was finished off with a pink diamond. It was then auctioned off to raise money for Breast Cancer Research Institute for a whopping $300,000!

1L’Oiseleur ( The Bird Trainer)

The bird trainer is a doll of a 4ft boy dressed in antique clothes who play’s the flute, two birds then come along that can open their beaks, turn their heads and eyes, the only thing they don’t do is fly. You can’t buy L’Oiseleur on the shelf of your local toy shop. In fact, the only place you can find it is in the workshop of its creator, French-born Christian Bailly.

L’Oiseleur has 2340 parts to make the doll come to life without the use of batteries or any form of electric! The mechanical motor lifts the boys flute to his mouth and plays “Marche des Rois” by Georges Bizet. If that wasn’t enough, two birds perched on his hand and his shoulder open and close their mouths and flap their wings.

Are you ready to hear how much this costs?

That makes it the world’s most expensive doll!