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Thumb Chucks Are Perfect For People Who Like to Fiddle With Things

Thumb Chucks

We came across Thumb Chucks at London Toy Fair and they showed us some of the tricks you can do.

Thumb Chucks is one of the newest toys by Zing, known for their addictively fun toys. Thumb Chucks are no exception to this. We got to watch the pros do it and then have a go ourselves.

Branded as a skill toy, the Thumb Chucks certainly require some practice. Once you’ve learned the basic tricks, you’ll easily be able to amaze your friends.

What are Thumb Chucks?

They’re pretty simple in design. Two balls fastened together by a 6″ strap. Inside each ball is an LED light triggered by motion, so as you’re spinning your Thumb Chucks around they light up.

You can detach the balls from the strap to mix and match from the 4 available colours – blue, orange, red and green. There are even special edition straps, but we’ll talk about those later.

What do they do?

It’s not about what they do, but more about what you can do with them. Thumb Chucks are a skill toy. They’re designed to be fun and a way for you to relax, especially if you’re the kind of person who loves to fidget.

Their slogan ‘control the roll’ describes perfectly what you do with them. By holding onto the strap, you can perform tricks using nothing but your fingers. Because they’re small and lightweight, you can play with them anywhere – at the beach, walking down the street, on the sofa or even at your desk.

Become a Thumb Chucks Pro

Thumbchucks have introduced a new art form for people to practice and master. To reward you for mastering new tricks, Zing are giving our rare straps.

Thumb Chucks Coloured Straps
Send videos of your tricks to Thumb Chucks to unlock different coloured straps

There are four different coloured straps. You are given a black strap when you get your Thumb Chucks. One you’ve mastered the beginner tricks, you can claim your green strap. After intermedite you get your blue strap and when you’re advanced you get your red strap. To get each strap, just post a video on social media with the hashtag #ThumbChucks and send the link to them.

Where can I get them and where can I learn the tricks?

You can buy Thumb Chucks from Zing’s website and you’ll be able to get them from certain retailers later in the year.

Once you’ve got your Thumb Chucks you can download their app and watch their YouTube tutorials to learn some of the popular tricks.

When you watch them doing the tricks it looks difficult to do, like their hands are moving at 100 mph. It almost looks like breakdancing with a thumb chuck in your hand.