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3 Worst and 2 Best Comic Book Movies of 2016

Best and worst Comic Book Movies of 2016

2016 wasn’t the best year for comic book movies; not for DC anyway. We’ll take a look at some of the worst comic book movies from last year.

Certain movies made big promises and delivered very little, but not everything was terrible. We’ll also note two of the biggest comic book movie successes from 2016.

5Suicide Squad

When DC announced they were going to put their top villains into one film that included the Joker and a cameo from Batman, it seemed like they were onto something big. Right? Wrong. When the film arrived it turned out to be a hacked to death piece of footage with an insulting 8 minutes of screen time given to Jared Leto’s joker. Which was probably best to be fair because he wasn’t that good. The film wasn’t all bad. It had some cool moments, for example, enchantress transforming and batman turning up. But unfortunately, that was the best part about it. Sadly, it was all downhill from there.

4Batman Vs Superman

You would have thought putting two of the world’s most famous superheroes in one film and making them fight would be hard to mess up, but they managed it. Batman Vs Superman suffered from not enough action, crap dialogue, overuse of dream sequences, weak villains, poor sequel setups, a title character that barely speaks and a murderous batman. All of this was enough to ensure this film is not the classic it was meant to be.

3X-Men apocalypse

Remember in the Avengers when the villain, Ultron, woke in this new world and he spent a few minutes going through a montage of images of the 21st century before concluding he had to destroy humanity and rebuild it again? Well, that’s what happens in this except no Avengers, just X-Men, and no Ultron, just Apocalypse…

2Civil war

Civil War is one of the best comic book films ever. Great action, story, effects and a superhero showdown worth the hype. The complete opposite of Suicide Squad. The third installment of the Captain America franchise is a must see and one of Marvel’s best films to date. With cameo appearances from all the Avengers we’ve already seen, plus the introduction of Black Panther and The new Spider-Man gives this film a spot in the top two.

1And Finally…


The surprise blockbuster starring the cocky merc-with-a-mouth, played by Ryan Reynolds, was a comedy hit. One of the funnier films of 2016 along with a very comic-accurate suit. The success of the R-rated film has opened the doors for studios to try more R-rated movies for comic book properties, such as 2017’s coming Wolverine film, Logan.

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