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Are VR Goggles Already Becoming Things of the Past?

Magic Planet VR Globe at CES 2017

When you think of VR you think of big goggles and a one-person activity. That could all be about to change.

Normally, using virtual reality devices is a one-person activity. Only one person can wear a headset at a time and generally, you can’t see what they’re seeing. VR is very immersive, but also a very solitary experience.

Global Imagination has developed a way to bring VR to a more public audience. Introducing the Magic Planet VR Globe.Place your sensory-deprivating VR goggles to the side and enjoy a 360 video with your friends.

The Magic Planet VR Globe has been developed for the business and education sector, but it won’t be long until it finds mainstream success. Magic Planet is already in museums all across the globe including the American Museum of Natural History, the European Space Agency amongst many others. Over 40 million people have viewed content on the Magic Planet.

Business Uses

As well as in museums, the VR Globe is available for use within schools. In our video from CES 2017, they demonstrate how it can be used to show how day and night works on the Earth. They also demonstrated their businesses application by showing Honda’s 360 ad. This can be played in showrooms without the need for VR goggles or the staff to man them.

Honda ad being shown on a Magic Planet VR Globe
Honda ad being shown on a Magic Planet VR Globe

VR game developers will be thankful for this product as well. Up until now, to check for quality issues in a game, each developer and the director would have to take it in turns to view the game through VR goggles. Now, they can all gather round and review the entire game.

We’re excited to see this technology become more practical for home uses, for example, being able to see a 360 view of your house from CCTV cameras.

What applications can you think of for the Magic Planet VR Globe? Let us know in the comments.