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Nintendo Switch UK Release and Price

Nintendo Switch UK Release

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid games console will come in two styles – Grey and Neon.

Due to launch on March 3rd 2017, the Nintendo Switch introduces a new era of hybrid gaming. Nintendo announced at their event last night that the console will cost £279.99, as well as showing what will be included, how it can be played and their first wave of gaming partners.

What’s included

The hardware of the Nintendo Switch is the most fascinating things about it. Let’s take a look at the products:


A 6.2-inch screen that can be inserted into the Nintendo Switch dock for portable gaming.


Houses the main console and allows you to connect it to a TV like a traditional console via an HDMI cable.


The most innovative part of the Switch. These two controllers can be used as one controller via the Joy-Con grip or used separately for multiplayer gaming. Each comes with a joystick and 6 buttons for controlling game play.

There are so many more features of on the Joy-Con. Check out this image from Nintendo.

Copyright Nintendo
Joy-Con Grip

Used to combine the two Joy-Cons together or can attach the console and Joy-Cons for handheld gaming.

You can see what comes with the Switch in Nintendo’s tweet below.