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This Suitcase is Thinner and Smarter Than Yours

Neit Collapsible smart luggage

Meet Neit (pronounced ‘neat’). The first collapsible smart suitcase. What makes it smart? We’re glad you asked.

You’re probably all familiar with the struggle of storing suitcases. When they’re not being used to jet off on holiday, they tend to sit unused and taking up a lot of space. Whilst living in a small, city-centre flat, the founders of Neit came up with a solution.

Neit is a hard-cased suitcase that can collapse to just 3″ thick. It’s so small, you can fit it in your wardrobe or under your bed. But they didn’t stop there. They added a little extra to Neit to make it a bit smarter. Watch the video to find out more.

The team at Neit added in a GPS tracker to your suitcase. Meaning next time the airport claims to have lost your luggage, you can tell them exactly where it is. It’s a great thing to mention when you’re looking at quotes for travel insurance.

If you’re going on vacation, or generally like to travel, then this collapsible hard case smart luggage set is certainly for you. Find out more from www.neit.life

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