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How To Save 375 Days Of Your Life From Laundry With Laundroid

Laundroid Laundry Robot

On average, it is said that we spend 375 days of our life folding laundry! So they’ve found a way to save you this time.

According to Seven Dreamers, the company behind the Laundroid, we spend 375 days of our life (or 9000 hours) on folding laundry.That’s a lot of time! We’re pretty sure you can think of something better to do with that time.

Maybe you could spend more time with your loved ones, going out with friends, improving your skills or even hitting the gym and improving your health. Either way, 9000 hours on folding clothes is a lot of time thrown down the drain… That’s when the world’s first laundry folding robot comes to help.

About Laundroid ® 1

Laundroid is the latest addition to the connected home hype. This tech doesn’t follow you around like the Kuri robot or book you a taxi or change the lights like Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant.

With the Laundroid you simply put the clothes in and it will fold them. Not only that, but it will separate them into piles according to your preference; either separate piles for each family member or separated by item type (i.e. trousers or t-shirt).

Putting clothes in Laundroid
Put your washed clothes in the bottom of the Laundroid

This is all done via a dedicated app. A great way to save 9000 hours of your life!

The process is:

  1. Laundroid picks up your clothes
  2. It then spreads them
  3. It analyzes the clothes
  4. Laundroid then folds the clothes
  5. Finally, it sorts them into piles

Fast, Simple and direct, this is straight to the point and solves a problem immediately. Whether it’s jumpers, T-shirts, trousers or shorts you need to fold, this fully automatic laundry folding robot has it covered. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, it folds towels too.

Laundroid folds a blue t-shirt
Laundroid folds your clothes and places them on a designated shelf

Just like Seven Dreamers, the manufacturers say “Laundroid is a better use of time, space, and habits”! There is no price for the Laundroid yet, however, they will begin taking pre-orders in March 2017. It’s likely to be in the thousands, so if you’re wanting one, you best be prepared to dig deep.

Done reading? Check the Laundroid out for yourself. We filmed some footage at CES 2017 in Vegas.