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Heart Research UK 50th Anniversary! 50 Years On

Heart Research UK 50 Years #50DayChallenge

Heart Research UK has been supporting and funding medical research for 50 years and they want you to help them by helping yourself.

Heart Research UK, based in Leeds, was founded in 1967 by a heart surgeon called David Watson to make surgery better and safer. The National Heart Research Fund was its original name and in 2005 they changed it to Heart Research UK. As one of the largest heart charities in the UK, they have funded medical research into the overall health of our hearts, as well as helping communities improve their health and lifestyles with Healthy Heart Grants.

Over the past 50 years, they have raised over £22 million for scientific research into cures and prevention of heart disease. For their 50th anniversary, Heart Research UK are encouraging you to help them by helping yourself.


The 50 Day Challenge invites you to stop doing something unhealthy or start something healthy for 50 days. We all have unhealthy habits and there are plenty of good habits we’d like to start. Take the #50DayChallenge one step further and swap a bad habit for a new good one.

Whether you decide to walk to work instead of drive or eat a salad instead of a sandwich for you lunch. These little changes can go a long way to keeping a healthy heart.

Heart Research UK suggest some of these changes:

  • Give up alcohol and take up yoga
  • Give up smoking
  • Give up takeaways and prepare food at home
  • Give up social media and do 15 minutes of meditation

For more suggestions you can go to the Heart Research UK website.

Take the #50daychallenge and tweet it out to the world.

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