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The Drones That Fly Themselves. The Future of Drone Flying?

Snapdragon Done Technology

The latest technology for drones means that they can fly pre-planned routes, take selfies and fly without any external control or signals.

The company behind this technology, Qualcomm, has developed a board that they’ve named Snapdragon Flight and it’s smaller than a credit card. Qualcomm also supply chips to some of the world’s most powerful smartphones, including the iPhone 6.

The Snapdragon Flight is going to help drones become smaller and much more functional than we’ve already seen. Check out some of the features that can be used.

Selfie Drones

One of the buzz words coming out of CES 2017 was ‘selfie drones’ – because selfie sticks are so 2016. Today, people don’t want to hold their phone out with their arms or a stick to take the perfect selfie. The Snapdragon Flight can be used to take pictures from a drone and send them straight to your smartphone.

As well as photos, you’ll also be able to take 4k video or view the image from your drone on your smartphone at 720p. This should help stop you getting lost whilst flying your drone…

Autonomous Flying

At CES they demonstrated the Snapdragon’s self-flying capability by using six drones flying around in perfect circles without being controlled by anyone.

These drones were synchronized and flying absolutely autonomously at over 5 meters per second, although we’re told that you can fly them much faster than this.

To be able to fly autonomously, it uses GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System), an upgrade from GPS. This means it knows exactly where it is, anywhere in the world.

Flight Control

Whilst it can fly autonomously, it wouldn’t be much fun if you couldn’t control it yourself. It makes use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to be able to control it from your smartphone.

What comes next?

These updates to drone technology is exciting and makes you consider the future of vehicles when this technology is officially placed in our cars and even planes. It’s not a matter of ‘if’, but a matter of ‘when’.

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