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Latest Connected Home Products from Expensive, Affordable and Security

Connected Homes at CES

CES 2017 has only just begun and already we’re seeing the near-future of connected home products.

Connected home products (everyday items that connect to the internet in your home) are said to already be in 25% of homes as of January 2017. We’re at the CES conference in Las Vegas to see what else is going to be coming over the next 12-24 months.

Kuri the Robot Nanny

Kuri the Robot Nanny is a friendly home companion that can guard your home whilst you’re at work. By using lasers to move around your house, it maps each room to stop it crashing into objects. If anything seems out of place, it can send you an alert and a photo.

Kuri also understands context. If your dog is on your sofa, you can use the speakers in Kuri to tell your dog to get down.

Controlling Kuri is as simple as talking. Just like Amazon’s Echo, Kuri responds to voice commands like asking what the weather is like. It connects to IFTTT, an app that lets you connect certain devices or services together, for example, when I come home, turn the kettle on. Obviously, this only works if you have a smart kettle.

Supposedly, Kuri can learn to recognise faces and personality, so can respond accordingly depending on who it sees. Check out some of the other features in this video.

Amazon Echo/Alexa

The Amazon Echo is a wireless speaker with voice recognition that connects to your home’s wifi. The Echo contains Alexa, Amazon’s AI (artificial intelligence) assistant.

With the Alexa, you can control almost everything in your home including lights, curtains, music and more!

A number of brands have joined forces with Amazon to bring extra functionality to Alexa, including Philips Hue lights, Spotify and Uber. So you can ask Alexa to play some music whilst you get ready, ask her to book you an Uber and then turn all the lights off on your way out. Pretty handy, right?!

Norton Core Secure Router

This is one of the most important focuses over the next few years: smart device security. Earlier in 2016, a huge attack on a server housing big sites like Spotify, was taken down. This was done by hackers taking control of smart devices and using them to simultaneously log onto the server, causing it to be overloaded.

Norton has announced the Norton Core secure router for smart devices for connected-home. The router protects up to 20 devices on a home connection, and unlimited devices connected to the IOT (Internet of Things).

Users will be able to manage everything from a connected device, from wherever they may be. With this being cloud connected, lost devices won’t cause a security threat as passwords can be immediately changed from alternative devices.

It will update its firmware automatically, but not the firmware on connected devices, said the general manager of consumer IoT security at Symantec Ameer Karim.

The router also has customisable parental controls and it’s added security won’t cause your internet connection to slow down.

Although Norton Core is not the first product of this nature to be released, (F-Secure released something similar some time ago), it is still an exciting release with some extras to previous ones.


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