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VRGO Chair Brings a New Dimension to Virtual Reality

VRGO Chair for virtual reality control

VRGO have tackled one of the biggest problems with VR. How do you move around in the virtual world without crashing into things in the real world?

Is the VRGO chair the missing piece of the VR puzzle? Moving around in a VR world is quite difficult. You’re left using your hands to control a joystick, along with other functions. The VRGO chair address that. Connect your VRGO chair to your PC and even smartphone through Bluetooth and use the hands-free control for virtual reality adventures.

VRGO uses motion sensors to react to your real-life movements. To move around in the virtual world, simply sit on the chair and tilt in the direction you would like to move. It works with games that use both joystick and keyboard controls. For joystick games, the further you tilt, the faster you move. For keyboard games, a small tilt will be a walk, whilst a bigger tilt will act as a sprint.


We know what you’re thinking. “But that’s going to take up a lot of space!”. And you’re right. The VRGO chair isn’t small. It’s not something you can stick in a drawer when not in use. The stylish look of the VRGO and its practical mean that it can be used as a stool or chair. It has internal storage for your VR headset, as well. Turns out it’s practical in the real world as well as VR.

Check out our interview with one of the developers and a demonstration at The Gadget Show Live 2016.

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