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Teksta Talking Toucan That Can Do Impressions and Magic

Teksta Robotic Talking Toucan

Control the Talking Toucan through voice control or iOS and Android app. It will tell jokes, do impressions and perform magic.

The Robotic Talking Toucan comes from Teksta, the brand responsible for the Voice Recognition Puppy. It is the first from the range that can actually talk back to you.

Ask him questions, play games, and watch him make hilarious impressions of top celebrities including Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Toucan can answer questions and respond to certain sentences. It is updated regularly through the app so that it continues to learn new jokes, impressions and respond to more questions.

As well as this, Toucan can perform a magic trick where he can accurately guess a number that you’re thinking of. Watch the video below to see more from the Teksta Talking Toucan


  • Voice recognition
  • Works without online connection
  • Impressions, funny sounds, and jokes!
  • Alerts you if anybody walks past him
  • Wakes up in the morning and sleeps a night time!

You can buy the Talking Toucan from Amazon now.

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