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Super Mario Run: What is it, how to play and price

Super Mario Run Release

Super Mario Run is the first time Super Mario has appeared on a non-Nintendo device. It’s available on iOS now and Android shortly.

Super Mario Run officially launched on iOS on 15th December 2016 and very quickly rose to the top of the App Store. The launch is likely to set off a trend of big game manufacturers launching smartphone and tablet apps. Could this be the turning point for games consoles?

How can I play?

If you want to play Super Mario Run, you can download it from the App Store now. At present, there is no Android app and no release date, but this is something we’re sure they’re working on. We’ll update this with a release date when we know more.

The app is compatible with devices with iOS 8 up. So any iPod, iPhone or iPad with iOS 8 or more can download and play the game.

How much does it cost?

The app is free to download. The free app lets you play the first three levels of the new Super Mario game and 20-seconds of level four before it asks you to pay. The price is quite steep for a mobile game; £7.99 ($9.99 USD).

How much does Super Mario Run Cost
You can play the first three levels of Super Mario Run for free. After that, you can play the first 20 seconds of level four before you’re asked to pay.

That being said, Nintendo promise that there are no additional hidden costs, meaning once you’ve paid, that’s it. No ads, no limitations.

What is the game?

If you’re familiar with Mario’s world, then there’s not too much new here. There are new levels, but the overall concept of the game is very similar.

Super Mario Run Level
Super Mario Run uses similar graphics and style to the Mario games we all know and love

The main difference is that Mario now automatically runs forwards. He will climb small obstacles, including toads and turtles. You can make Mario jump by tapping the screen. The longer you tap, the higher you jump.

Is it safe for my child?

Absolutely. Mario is widely loved across the globe by adults and children and there is no content in the game unsuitable for a child. The game has an age rating of 4+.

An added bonus of paying for the full version is that there is less chance of your child making in-game purchases without your knowledge.

What makes it different to playing on a console?

There is one major different and advantage to Super Mario Run being on a mobile phone and it’s quite simple, really. It’s on your mobile phone. Up until today, if you wanted to play a Mario game, you would have to fork out for an expensive games console and be limited to playing it at home.

With Super Mario Run, you can now take the experience of your game console wherever you go. It’s an exciting time for mobile gaming!

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