Home Gadgets & Tech RipSurf is the street surf board by Razor

RipSurf is the street surf board by Razor


Surf the streets with the RipSurf by Razor. The must have gift that is topping wish lists of skateboarders across the world.

We met the Razor team down in London for the 2016 Toy Fair in January and they introduced us to the RipSurf and we loved it! Designed to give you the look of surfing whilst skateboarding. If you can’t get to the beach or the waves aren’t quite up to scratch, just jump on your RipSurf.

The RipSurf uses Razor’s RipStik Air technology which allows you to speed up and slow down without ever taking your foot off the board. RipSurf is available on Amazon along with Razor’s other products RipStick, Hovertrax and Crazy Cart.

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