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PlayStation 4 Pro: Features and where to buy

PlayStation 4 Pro

It’s been the PlayStation 4.5 and the PlayStation Neo, but Sony has confirmed it will be the PlayStation 4 Pro and it will be 4k/HDR-equipped.

The news of the new PlayStation 4 Pro will be great news to Sony fans. Upgraded console comes with a range of features that will be welcomed by the PS4 community, with one especially welcomed feature. The PS4 Pro will be fully compatible with the current library of games.

The PS4 Pro won’t just be getting a slimmer and in a fancy new box, the Pro comes with an updated platform to support 4k output and increased capability to handle virtual reality.

Why another PS4?

After being on the market for 2 and a half years, the PS4 is still the most powerful gaming console. However, advances in tech have meant it is falling behind a well-made gaming PC. Sony is keen to offer an advanced PS4 that will provide a faster and more powerful processor to allow better-looking gaming experiences.

PlayStation 4 Pro comparison
PlayStation 4 Pro comparison

Whilst the PS4 can play video at HD, it isn’t quite powerful enough to handle 4K gameplay at such a crisp resolution. The Pro will take the playing experience to the next level (at least for those with a 4k television).

Netflix, Blu-ray and Virtual Reality

Away from game-play, the console will play Netflix at a crisp 4K, however, it will note feature an Ultra HD Blu-ray player. Historically, Sony has integrated with DVDs and Blu-ray very early on, so this omission could be a sign of how Sony sees our viewing habits of the future.

Another reason Sony wants to upgrade it’s PlayStation console is to prepare for PlayStation VR headset, launching on October 16, 2016. Other VR devices need high-end gaming PCs to operate smoothly, but developers should be able to expect Sony’s headset to work with silky-smooth performance.

Release Date

The PS4 Pro will be available in the UK on November 10, 2016 from £330. You can order the new console from Amazon now.

All games being released from October 2016 will be compatible with both the original PS4 and the new PS4 Pro. Other games should be given patches to enable them to work on both consoles, so great news for any PS4 owners with a large game collection wanting to pick up the new console.

Will you be getting a new PS4 Pro for Christmas?