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GoPro announces new drone – Karma

GoPro Karma Set
GoPro Karma Set

After months and months of teasing, GoPro have finally announced their first drone – Karma.

For GoPro fans, this is a really exciting announcement. There have been a few unofficial GoPro drones out there, that will house the GoPro cameras, but we’re certain that Karma will blow them away.



The Karma drone is compatible with the Hero4, Hero5 Session and the new Hero5 Black.


The biggest selling point for Karma is its foldable design. Almost every part of the drone folds in to make it small enough to fit in its protective backpack. Everything from the wings to the landing gear folds in to make the drone portable.

“When you’re ready to fly, just unfold, attach the propellers and go”

Opened up Karma is 303mmx411mmx117mm. When folded for transporting the width almost halves. The drone weighs in at a little over 1kg, so it shouldn’t hold you back too much.


The GoPro Karma comes with a detachable battery, meaning you can take multiple batteries out with you to get extra flying time. This isn’t a bad idea, as each battery only has about 20 minutes flying time. This is around the standard for most drones. If you are wanting to pick up an extra battery or two, they are not cheap. They will be available for £89.99.

Speed and Distance

You’ve got a good flying speed of 35mph, which isn’t too shabby. Combined with a maximum distance of 1,000m (1 kilometre), you should be able to cover a fair bit of distance in your 20 minutes of flying time.

Other important speeds and distances to note is the maximum wind resistance of 22mph and maximum flight altitude of 4,500m.

What you get


When you purchase the GoPro Karma drone you get a couple of nice added accessories. First of all, you get the Karma controller. The pebble-looking controller is just a little bigger than an iPhone 7 at 5in. You can view the GoPro footage on the screen and control it using the two joysticks. The controller has a 4-hour battery life, so should take you everywhere you need to go (unless you buy 12 spare Karma batteries).

GoPro Karma Drone Controller
GoPro Karma Drone Controller


It’s this that will keep your GoPro footage steady. The stabiliser has a 90-degree range of motion to make sure you can get the perfect angles.

Grip Handle

When you’re done flying your drone (or when your battery has ran out), the grip handle allows you to go straight into using your GoPro manually. You can control your goPro from the handle, meaning you can keep getting your perfect shot. This connects to the stabiliser as well as the whole range of GoPro mounts, so you can get the smooth footage, however you decide to use it.


To transport you drone around, GoPro have created a special padded case. The case is a sturdy backpack, insulated on the inside to protect the drone from any bumps you may have. It fits all the accessories that come with the drone nicely. However, it doesn’t appear to have much room for anything else, so if you’re expecting to take anything other than the drone, you might want to think of alternative arrangements.

GoPro Karma Case
GoPro Karma Case

Passenger App

This cool app lets you hand over the control to somebody else. Whilst you take care of the flying, let your co-pilot worry about getting the best footage. You can watch GoPros YouTube video to get a better idea of how the app works.


If you’re hoping to pick up one of these drones, you’ll be asked to pay £719.99. Not a cheap drone by any means, but something that really good take your outdoor adventure footage to the next level.

GoPro Karma will be available from October 23, 2016 – Just in time for Christmas.