Transformers Dynamo shuffle!

Take a look at these Transformers playing cards!

All the crazes these days with battle and collectable cards, it’s amazing how the young people of today can keep up. (They will enjoy these Transformers Cards)

From Pokémon, Digimon and Yugioh cards to Bogie cards and now Transformers, it’s pretty obvious that the youth love playing with cards.

When battle cards come into fashion are sometimes be a fad. The good thing is when they are no longer the present “in thing” they become collectables.

The difference with these cards is that although they are a Transformers deck, they are also a regular 52 card deck that can be used for other games too!

So, here’s what you get when you purchase one of these Transformers decks.

First of all, they come in a Transformers card case, rather than a plain box. These boxes are red and black, branded nicely with the Transformer logo.

When you open the box, you get 56 Transformer cards. 52 of those are also playing cards, the remaining 4 are AllSpark Cube cards, or the 4 jokers. Two of which are branded grey and the remaining 2 are branded orange.

The backs of the cards are cool, with their trendy design of the logo, they catch the eye with their unique style.
If you like playing cards, you will like this, if you like Transformers and playing cards, you will love this!

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