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Leeds Carnival 2016 – West Indian Carnival

Leeds Carnival 2016
Leeds Carnival 2016

Did you have a nice Bank Holiday Monday? We did at the Leeds Carnival

Wow, it has been such a great fun weekend, as not only were it a Bank Holiday, but the Leeds Carnival was on, as well as the Leeds Fest. Leeds were booming all weekend.

The Leeds Fest is basically a camping outdoor nightclub. People drink, dance, have fun and camp out for a couple of nights.

We didn’t go the Leeds Festival, but we did go to the Leeds Carnival, to eat some jerk Chicken, drink some punch and watch the parade.

The Carnival is originally a Brazilian tradition, however, in Leeds, it’s mostly Jamaican.

The Jamaican culture is a very beautiful one indeed. They brought us some of the most delicious food in the world.

They also brought us amazing music, with the obvious such as Bob Marley.

The Leeds carnival people play a lot of Dancehall music, reggae and Calypso.

The food is one of our favorite parts, eating fried chicken, Jerk chicken, Rice and Peas and watching a parade is certainly fine by us!

Luckily, the weather was mostly nice too, which is always a plus, especially with a Caribbean event. It brings more authenticity to the day.

If you have not ever been to the Carnival, then we recommend you give it a try, as it’s jam-packed with music, food and entertainment.

We go to the Leeds Carnival every year, and it’s always a blast. We also took some pictures and you may enjoy our video below which we recorded on the day.

This is part of what makes the UK a great place, the way we celebrate other traditions as well as our own. We believe this makes us stand out from the rest.

All in All, it has been a nice long weekend, this Bank holiday was certainly one of our favorite ones.

Enjoy the sneak peek video, and see you at the next Leeds Carnival!


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