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Happy 90th Birthday Your Majesty!


Happy 90th Birthday to the Queen

Our queen that has reigned over us for 64 years has her official birthday today!

Although she has already had her actual birthday, today is the official date were we can all celebrate as a country. To celebrate the occasion we made this special cake and we hope you like it!

Queens Birthday Cake
Happy 90th Birthday Your Majesty

Our queen is Britain’s longest serving monarch and found her self coronated at the age of 25 and has pledged her life to serve as our queen.

Did you know that the queen has sat through a massive 129 self portraits! that’s a long time to be sat still!

She also has a staggering 30 Godchildren!

So get out your little union jack flags, have a street party! (weather permitting!) and raise your cup cakes for our queen’s birthday!

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