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Happy 20th Birthday to the Nintendo 64


Today is the 20th Anniversary of the famous N64!

The Nintendo 64, a games console missed by many, with its famous James Bond and Super Mario games and its unique controllers, this is a time for all the Nintendo and gaming fanatics to remember and celebrate!
It will be hard for many to believe that Nintendo were born on the 23rd September 1889 in Japan and had an extra word, Koppai, which made it Nintendo Koppai.
We all know they couldn’t possibly of sold consoles back then as they were not yet invented, but this small business distributed different kinds of playing cards, so has always been involved in the gaming world, an amazingly small business that grew into becoming one of the giants of the modern gaming industry, and an absolute classic.
The vast majority of people who used this gaming console sure have some sweet memories of its fun games and versions of older Nintendo games, such as Super Mario 64, James Bond Goldeneye (007), the legends of Zelda, Mortal Kombat and many more exciting games that became favourites the day they were released!

Happy 20th Birthday to the N64
Happy Birthday to the Nintendo 64

The N64 will always be one of the gaming fanatics’ favourite consoles of our recent past, so I think we should all thank the original Nintendo creator, Fusajiro Yamauchi for creating the company that brought us many classics which will most certainly be in the gaming world’s history books.

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