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Ziggy Road Endless Runner Game

Ziggy Road Mobile Game Screenshot
Ziggy Road Mobile Game Screen shot

Ziggy Road is an endless runner style mobile game based on the automatic driverless cars currently being developed by Apple and Google.

In the video interview above Clubit TV talks with the developer of the game at Ga-Ma-Yo #9, a #gamedev event held in Leeds.

We recently spoke with the developer of Ziggy Road Lance Abson, here’s what he told us about the game.
“The game started out life being inspired by two highly successful mobile games called Crossy Road and ZigZag. The first job was to mix the names up and get Ziggy Road.
I wanted to create an addictive casual mobile game. Coming from an Arcade and Console game background I quickly found that for me the modern touch screen just didn’t feel right when implementing a joystick style control system. So for Ziggy Road I decided to make the most simple control system possible, just a tap. This had the bonus of allowing the game to be fast, very fast!

Being an Indie games developer I also had the problem that yes I can code the game, but as much as I would like to think, no I can’t create the graphics. Second problem I don’t have time to create an engine for the game. The solution was to use one of the excellent game engines around. No more writing sprite routines or 3D routines the game engine would take care of all that so I could concentrate on the most important thing the gameplay.

Ziggy Road Mobile Game Screenshot
Ziggy Road Mobile Game Screenshot

High quality 3D graphics are available to purchase with the game engine, and I found a gem of a 2D artist. Trouble was he lived thousands of miles away in the Philippines! But the power of the internet meant we could still work together as though he lived in the next town. Just a few Typhoons got in the way by delaying us with power outages!

Playing Ziggy Road is like getting on a roller coaster that just keeps getting faster and faster until you are just subconsciously tapping the screen to avoid crashing. Having made the game I thought I was good at playing it, but there have been some very impressive scores submitted to the leaderboards. Keeping calm and quick reactions are the key.

Ziggy Road Mobile Game Screenshot
Ziggy Road Mobile Game Screen shot

The best part of creating Ziggy Road, even my twin 5 year old girls love playing it. There are various levels in the game including a zombie stage, a typhoon stage and night stages.

Going forward I’m very close to revealing my next game which takes Ziggy Road to a whole new level, very excited to be able to release it very soon watch this space.”

You can find out more and download the Ziggy Road game by clicking here