Dream Machine – a mind-bending puzzle game for mobile from GameDigits Ltd


Dream Machine takes you through a journey from a cold, inhumane factory to a mind-blowing, surreal fantasy world.

In the video interview Clubit TV talk with Ian Lindsey from Game Digits about the Dream Machine video game.

I’m sure you’re all familiar with puzzle games such as Fez and Monument Valley where you have to solve optical illusions in an Escher-style world. If not, where have you been?!

Dream Machine is a stunning new mobile game that takes the concept even further and mixes illusional puzzles along with boss battles, hazardous environments and an upgrade system for the main character.

Dream Machine Puzzle Game
Dream Machine Mind-Bending Puzzle Game

In Dream Machine players help to guide a malfunctioning robot trying to escape an oppressive factory and free himself from the shackles of his suppressed existence. Using the machinery in the factory players must solve impossible geometric puzzles and bid for freedom against increasingly dangerous hazards, fight boss battles and upgrade the robot as they journey through the game.

Dream Machine Puzzle Game
Dream Machine Puzzle Game

Players must not only work out the mind-bending puzzles, but also develop the skills necessary to keep their robot alive, fighting evermore bizarre enemies along the way!

Dream Machine Puzzle Game
Dream Machine Puzzle Game

The game looks stunning and every effort has been made to make it pixel-perfect even on high-end HD devices. With its stylistic look, atmospheric graphics and music, it’s a real pleasure to play. The style of the levels also reflect the robot’s journey, starting off in a very grey the oppressive factory setting then progresses through to become more surreal, colourful and abstract.

Clubit TV were fortunate to see an early version of the game at GaMaYo 9 and the game had a great response even in the early stages of development. It’s great to see just how much the game has progressed since then and the game is now ready to download – Check it out here https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1059401746

Watch our video interview (at the top of this blogpost) with Ian Lindsey from Game Digits who talks to us about this awesome mobile game!

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows
Genre: Puzzle, Adventure
Release Dates: iOS & Android March 10th 2016, Windows May/June 2016
Price: 79p (Initial Sale Price), £1.99 (Standard)
Localisation: EFIGS,Russian,Portuguese,Chinese
Developers: GameDigits Ltd, Red Kite Games Ltd.

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