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Takeway Clampod
Takeway Clampod

The first impressions when pulling the Takeway products (T1 Clampod, T-PH02 Phone Holder for Sports and the T-TH01 Tablet Holder) out of the box are that of a really high quality product.

T1 – Clampod

Takeway T1 Clampod

The Clampod is made from aerospace specification aluminium alloy. This enables the T1 – Clampod to be both exceptionally lightweight and durable. Because of the design being compact as well as robust the T1 can be easily be stowed away when not in use!

Because of the T1’s unique clamp design a user can attache the Clampod to any available object from Bikes to Boards or Mic’ Stands to Table Tops. This is down to the T1’s “Jaw” mechanism design. It has three different surfaces which enable the user to pick the best one to suit the clamping surface and therefore it has the functionality  to be clamped virtually anywhere.

It’s a really innovative take on the traditional Tri-Pod. Using the standard 1/4″-20 standard Tri-Pod mount the Clampod will accomodate most DSLR cameras attachable to the included ball plate with a quick release plate. The specified load capacity is 3kg’s. However, a user may attach a ball head of higher capacity if further load bearing is required.

The T1- Clampod also has a Mobile Device holder included. This is compatible with smartphones such as Apples iPhone range, both of Samsungs Galaxy S and Note Ranges as well as other popular brands. The Device Holder also has a threaded recess in the device holder allowing for a camera attachment.

T-PH02 Rugged Smart Device Holder

Takeway T-PH02 Sporty Phone Holder

One of the optional accessories for the T-1 is the T-PH02 Phone Holder For Sports. This brilliantly rugged device caddy can take an exceptional amount of violent shaking whilst paintaining your device firmly in place. The T-PH02 is adjustable and will hold any device from 4″ up to 5.7″.

T-TH01 Tablet Holder

The other accessory we unboxed is the T-TH01. This is an adaptable tablet holder which fits onto the T1 – Clampod. A user may adjust the T-TH01 to accommodate any tablet size from 7″ up to 10.2″. This enables the T-TH01 to accommodate iPad and Android devices in place!

We were really impressed by these products and believe in the quality of them when being used out and about!

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