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With The Tides Of Celebrity Culture Rising – Popmash Have The Solution

Popmash Mug
Collectable Popmash Mug

We currently (December 2015) have in stock some delightful Popmash products. This great range of collectable, celebrity themed items are really well made and offer some genius “name-punnage”.

“Fame and pop culture are rapidly going out of control. Experts predict that at the current rate by the the year 2020 everybody on the planet will be famous. Economies will collapse. Society will be in disarray. Television will be really, really awful.

We need a solution to this problem before it’s too late, Popmash is that solution. Popmash scientist reckon that by genetically combining two famous things we can reduce pop culture by 50% and save the planet for another 100 years.”

Popmash Keyring’s

These Laser cut PVC Textured Popmash figures are attached to a stainless chain and split ring. The Keyring’s, are created in brilliant, vibrant colours as you can see from our video above! The Keyring’s are approximately 6cm’s in height.

Popmash Mug’s

These high quality ceramic mugs are printed with a fantastically vibrant rendition of your favourite Popmash characters. These collectable mug’s are 7.5cm’s Ø x 9cm’s Deep.

To purchase these fantastic products please click on the image below. Happy browsing!

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