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We interviewed Psytec Games Jon Hibbins about VR Title Crystal Rift

VR title Crystal Rift at EGX 2015

With an obvious tech race currently being fought by numerous companies with regards to VR display kit. Game developers are equally competing to find innovative gameplay techniques to pull the most out of the available technologies. This can be in terms of visuals and/or player navigation and orientation. There is little doubt that with prices for VR headsets falling to an ‘affordable’ level and plenty of titles coming thick and fast that VR gaming is on the up and up.

We spoke to Jon Hibbins about his game Crystal Rift at this years EGX. (2015) Crystal Rift is a horror themed first person dungeon crawler. This game was being exhibited on the HTC Vive headset.

Crystal Rift Scary Dingeon Crawler VR Game
An example of one of the monsters lurking for you in the mysterious dungeons of Crystal Rift!

Crystal Rift is inspired by the classic dungeon crawler games of the mid/late 1980’s to early 1990’s such as Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder. Jon tells us there are even references to the cult-classic film Labyrinth thrown in there!

Jon makes the point that the game is a fairly unique paradox of loads of retro influences fused with ‘cutting-edge’ gaming technologies which enable the player to be enveloped and immersed into a first-person dungeon crawler game.

Crystal Rift is currently available (Late 2015) on Steam early access and also The Humble Store. Psytec Games are hopeful that the full-time team of five people will have finished creating and implementing all the content for the game by November 2015. Therefore, coming out of Steam early access soon after.

Custom Level designer for Crystal Rift!
Custom Level designer for Crystal Rift!

The game features a great in-game level designer which allows players to build, play and share created levels with the Steam community. The game also features both difficulty and ‘Scare’ level. So you can adjust how far you want to jump out of your skin!

Crystal Rift will be amongst the first titles to be made available on store fronts for both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift for PC and also on Sony Playstation VR too!

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