OVERRULED! by Dlala Studios Published by Team17


If this game was a dog it would be a ‘Cocker-dal-lab-pit-terrier-houd-shepherd’. It is the Mongrel to end all Mongrels of game. And we think thats a good thing. Nay, a GREAT thing!

Craig & Loudon about to talk to Clubit Gamings Charlotte at EGX 2015
Craig & Loudon of Dlala Studios, about to talk to Clubit Gamings Charlotte at EGX 2015 about Overruled!

Overruled! is a Multi-player Brawler party game developed by Dlala Studios. The genius of the game comes from the in-game option available to switch up the objectives and ‘rules-of-engagement’ for the players involved. This is designed so that players can ultimately try and manipulate the game to suit themselves. Perhaps a real-world implication of Anarchy?

There are 30 different game mode cards which can be ‘played’ to switch things up during a game of up to four people either locally or online. There are 9 maps to choose from and nine individual and highly amusing protagonists for the players to choose from. In addition to the brilliant multi-player gameplay there are also 54 single player challenge maps available too. So if you find yourself without friends… or the internet this game has some legs.

A screen grab of the insane Overruled!
A screen grab of the insane Overruled!

Overruled! definitely provides that in-game shouting at the screen, and your mates (or non mates) kind of thing going on. There are loads of giggles to be had playing this game, and I can really see a drinking game to be derived from this by some opportunistic students. (if it hasn’t already)

The game is available now on Steam for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Added to that you gan get it for XBOX1 and PS4 too.