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Can you name the Famous Moustaches?


As it’s #Movember we thought we’d test out your Moustache knowledge

How well can you recognise a famous Moustache? Try our little game to see if you can guess correctly the owners of our selection of 8 Famous and infamous Moustaches!

Moustache #11. An F1 and Indie-car Legend!



#2 Moustache2. Name rhymes with a popular biscuit for dunking. The Rich Tea.



#3 Moustache3. The go-too guy for BBC and ITV sport for many years.



#4 Moustache4. This guy was a top-rope celebrity in the 80’s & 90’s.



5. ‘Ear’ is a notorious Aussie hard man.#5 Moustache



#6 Moustache6. Evil B*****d.



#7 Moustache7. The Genius of Silent Film.



#8 Moustache8. There can only be one owner of this ‘Surreal’ Moustache!




So how well do you think you got on? If you scroll down we have the answers for you!

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Nigel Mansell Picture

  1. Nigel Mansell won The World Drivers Championships in both Formula 1 and Indie-Car! Also, kept a pair of ‘tashes in reserve above each eye.




2. Lionel Richie. Hello, was it him you were looking for?Lionel Richie Picture





Des Lynam Picture3. Des Lynam has anchored on some of the worlds greatest sporting competition TV coverage.





Hulk Hogan Picture4. Hulk Hogan enjoyed mainstream popularity in the 1980s and 1990s in the World Wrestling Federation.





Mark 'Chopper' Read Picture.5. Mark Brandon ‘Chopper’ Read was a notorious Australian Gangster and later author!





Hitler Picture6. Like the clue said! Evil B*****d.





Chaplin Picture7. Charles (Charlie) Spencer Chaplin was an Actor, Director, Composer, Screenwriter, Producer and editor in the silent film industry from 1899 to 1976.




Dali Face8. Salvador Dali the famous Spanish Surrealist painter and film maker!





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