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Bespoke Arcades Introduces The King Pin Virtual Pinball Prototype

King Pin Virtual Pinball prototype

As well as all the great PC and console based games we saw at EGX 2015 there was also a really innovative unit which caught our eye at this years event. We were introduced to the King Pin virtual pinball machine by Bespoke Arcades.

The King Pin looked pretty good to me with a lovely high resolution play screen and complimentary back board. The functionality of the flippers and gameplay physics all seemed legit! However, I’m no self confessed Pinball-a-holic. I didn’t waste my youth on their mechanical (or solid state) counterpart machines. Fortunately, our camera man did!

He was quite happy to give the King Pin a big thumbs up. Which is remarkable considering that most of our time at EGX he would look at some of the brilliant games on offer and comment “yeah, but they’re not GTA”. Even more remarkable is the fact that you can’t play any of the GTA titles on a software driven pinball machine and, he was still enthralled!

The ‘coup de grâce’ of his one-title-only monogram was when the guys at Bespoke Arcades were able to load up the particular game in which he spent hours of his time playing as a youth. The Adams Family. That was it, we lost a camera man!

The active King Pin Back Board and message screen!
The active King Pin Back Board and message screen!

The King Pin will be loaded with 80 pinball games from Williams and Zen pinball amongst others. Williams have been cited (under various names, acquisitions/mergers and subsidiaries…. “yawn”) as developing the mechanical ’tilt’ function, reel scoring and add-a-ball. As well as releasing ‘Gorgar’, the first machine to use a synthetic voice and still hold the record unit sales for a Pinball machine of 20,270 units for The Adams Family machine. (under ‘Midway’ I think)

The King Pin cabinet has in built haptic response for gameplay. This is delivered by eight independent vibration points. The cabinet also has ‘Tilt’ and ‘Nudge’ response as well as authentic flipper buttons. Bespoke arcades are working on implementing a realistic plunger system too. However, the prototype we saw used a ‘big-red-button’ which worked nicely!

Bespoke Arcades have over 10 years experience producing Arcade Machines and have worked with well known gaming names such as Capcom, Warner Bros and 2k Games. All of their units are designed and built in their UK based workshop!

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