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Worms WMD debut UK showing at EGX 2015!

Worms WMD first showing at EGX 2015

So, another new Worms game, this time called Worms WMD, to be released by Team 17. Since the first Worms game landed in all it’s daft, anarchic, 2D, turn-based format in 1995 there have been 20 subsequent sequels! Check out our interview with Bethany from Team 17 below!

Worms has been re-invented numerous times and, to me has sometimes felt like the developers were breaking what was already fixed. This was especially the case, for me, with the 3D incarnations.

Worms WMD Tank fire-power!
Worms WMD Tank fire-power!

So I was really pleased when setting eyes on WMD for the first time at this years (2015) EGX. Worms WMD is back to the classic 2D gameplay. Furthermore it seems to be using all the game physics seen in classics like Worms Armageddon. So we have a return of the notorious weapon firing systems, taking into account gravity & wind speed. As well as landscape destruction and the Worm navigation!

However, there are a few new charming touches we could see. The first was the ability to drive vehicles. The Tank for example allowed the player 5 shots per turn. On the flip side to commandeering such fire power you are so much easier to hit in a tank. I’m sure anyone who has played some classic Worms games before can imagine exactly what would happen to your noble Worm when the tank explodes!

Worms can now take cover and snipe in buildings!
Worms can now take cover and snipe in buildings!

Another cool gameplay feature we saw, was that you can now take cover inside buildings. Or use said buildings to snipe away at your opposition! Granted these features aren’t groundbreaking but the return to a more classic Worms gameplay I think is great. Theres deffinately been a facelift to the cartoon style landscapes too, they look great.

I think that there’s potential for Worms WMD to be a pretty big hit when it launches in early 2016 on Windows and XBOX1. The party game aspect of it is certainly something which brings gaming to everyone from the ‘reticent’, to the ‘never-seen-the-sun’ gamers! Can’t wait!