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We interviewed Sigtrap games about their new title Sublevel Zero

Clubit interview with Sublevel Zero at EGX 2015

We managed to catch up with Gary Lloyd of Sigtrap Games at EGX 2015. He chatted to us about the fantastic 6-degrees-of-freedom game ‘Sublevel Zero‘ published by Mastertronic Games. 

Gorgeous Sublevel Zero gameplay screan grab
Gorgeous Sublevel Zero gameplay

The gameplay is enhanced by the lovely 6DOF concept, allowing really complex battles with the players enemies! Another great feature is that of the level random generation. Due to the permadeath, (no ‘lives’ and no saves) the random level generator really helps avoid the “ugh” feeling, if or when the player is blown into tiny pixels!

So, added into the mix are both looting and crafting capabilities. The player can collect a great range of randomly generated weapons, upgrades and other items which change the game! The player has the functionality to craft these items together and equip their ship with the tools to suit their style of play!

Sublevel Zero crafting screen
Sublevel Zero crafting screen

Sublevel Zero was conceived at a Game-Jam and has grown into an awesome blend of Retro influenced art and sound design with lovely modern developer techniques.

When we chatted to Gary at EGX 2015 he cited major influences as Descent and Forsaken so, that’s a damn-fine gameplay yardstick to reference in the build of Sublevel Zero.

We, at Clubit have tracked this game for a while and you can watch our interviews both with Gary at EGX 2015 and with Luke Thompson at GaMaYo 8 earlier in 2015 below!


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