We chatted to Coatsink games about the lovely platform game Shu!


We interviewed Bryn (Lead environment artist) about Shu. A 2.5D platform game to be released by Coatsink. The concept of the game was developed by Secret Lunch before teaming up with Coatsink. The game involves the player navigating the lead character, ‘Shu’ along with a lovely trail of other friends as they navigate their way up the ancient mountain.

A beautiful shot of the 'Shu' gameplay.
A beautiful shot of the ‘Shu’ gameplay.

The basic character functions are that of running, jumping and gliding. However, as a player goes further into the game they can access a range of other ways in which to interact with their environment, enabled by the friends they meet! The characters are continually under threat from “the monstrous and unrelenting storm”

Navigate up the mountain running from the 'unrelenting storm'
Navigate up the mountain running from the ‘unrelenting storm’

Secret Lunch, based in Edinburgh, have teamed up with Coatsink after they initially pitched the concept of the game to the team at Coatsink. And the aim is to initially release the game on PS4 in the first quarter of 2016. Then going forward, hopefully onto a range of other platforms!

Check out the video below of our interview with Shu’s Lead Environment Artist, Bryn – The video interview was filmed at the recent #EGX Games Show at the NEC in Birmingham.

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