Nick Clarkson [Merge games] chats to us about RIOT Civil Unrest


RIOT – Civil Unrest is the concept developed by ex Valve cinematographer Leonard Mechiari. The game explores the triggers and decisions made by those involved in urban civil conflict. Both sides of ‘no-mans-land’ are considered from the protestor(s) to the forces of law and order.

Clubits' Charlotte talking to to Nick from Merge about RIOT
Clubit’s Charlotte talking to to Nick Clarkson from Merge about RIOT

The game is produced in a lovely pixel art aesthetic which transports the player into a selection of scenarios based upon notable, real-life protests. The initial 4 are Indignados (Spain), Arab Spring (Egypt), Keratea (Greece) and NoTAV (Italy). However, further levels are currently being developed such as a Ukrane scenario.

Funding raised on Indiegogo achieved 241% of its target of $15,000 in March 2013.

Iconic imagery of rioting recreated in awesome pixel art
Iconic imagery of rioting recreated in awesome pixel art

The team, as listed on the website is that of Mechiari joined by Jendrik Illner, (Graphics) Simon Michel, (Composition) Eric Wegener, (Sound Design) Rolando Nadal. (Sound Design)

The funding raised on Indiegogo has allowed RIOT to research into those involved in the actual events of which the 4 levels are based on. This will hopefully allow much more increased immersivity in this anticipated real-time strategy game.

Watch our interview with Nick Clarkson of Merge Games below:

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