We quizzed Newt Quest Games about Man or Goat at EGX 2015


The amusingly titled and, more amusing to play Man or Goat  game is surely so daft it becomes genius. Currently available on iOS for your iPhone/iPad.

This game is the creative brain-dump of Manchester based, Newt Quest Games‘ Gareth Elms. Featuring 972 individual Goats , a host of game features, and a lovely quirky hand drawn aesthetic.

Gareth shows us the basic gameplay.
Gareth shows us the basic gameplay. @ EGX 2015

The featured game modes include:

  • POO Bucket (childish… yes. But it made me grin)
  • Hero Level
  • Turbo
  • 50 Goats
  • Beat the Shepherd

To capture the goat noises, Gareth had to record hundreds of goats on location. He found he could then begin to categorise all the different goat noises into roughly 20/25 discernible categories. He told us, that the recording process of the ‘Man’ noises was done mainly in his car. That was the place where he could get a bit of isolation in which to record some brilliantly canny goat impressions!

Newt Quest Games Gareth Elms chats to Clubit's Charlotte Regen about Man or Goat
Newt Quest Games Gareth Elms chats to Clubit about Man or Goat @ EGX 2015

To further challenge to the player, the ambient sounds captured at the various recording locations are ‘baked-in’ with the man sounds so as to blend them a little closer to the genuine goat noises. I love details like that!

Check out our interview from EGX 2015 with the man himself, Gareth Elms of Newt Quest Games below!

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