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Line Wobbler – Robin Baumgarten

Robin Baumgarten introduces Clubit Gaming to Line Wobbler

Line Wobbler is a wonderfully unique and creative 1D Dungeon crawler game developed by Robin Baumgarten. 

We caught up with Robin at EGX 2015. Check out the video below.

The inspired control interface for Line Wobbler. A door spring.
The inspired control interface for Line Wobbler. A door spring!

The unique control interface is provided by using a spring (door stopper) containing an accelerometer. The wobble controller works like a familiar Joystick however it has the unique function of wobbling.

The game runs on Arduino, inclusive of sound, particle effects and 60+fps. The display is currently made using a 5m LED strip of neo-pixels using selective brightness for specific particle effects. The gameplay can also be modelled to work with the specific environment of the LED strip display with the option (and sufficient re mapping of the game) of using any length of LED strip!

Robin demonstrates the beautiful simplicity in the gameplay
Robin demonstrates the beautiful simplicity in the Line Wobbler gameplay.

The gameplay involves the player navigating obstacles such as lava and fighting enemies (red dots) to reach the exit over approximately 9 levels or so.

The sound, run by Arduino consists of basic modulations of sine waves controlled directly by the acceleration of the controller. Robin is looking into the development of multi-player functionality into Line Wobbler. We, at Clubit all agreed this would be an incredible coin-op/arcade game.

Line Wobbler naturally attracts attention and praise every where Robin installs it. He has won two prizes at the AMAZE Awards 2015 in Berlin. Also, Line Wobbler has been nominated as a finalist for the IndieCade 2015 awards in October!

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