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Clubit Gamings Top 5 Scary Indie Games !

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As Halloween is just around the corner and we’ve pulled out a great selection of 5 fantastic indie video game titles to give you goose bumps. Weather it’s Zombies, suspense or shock you’re after we think we have you covered!

1/ Crystal Rift

Crystal Rift is an awesomely spooky VR dungeon crawler game. The game takes heavy influences from Dungeon Master and even has gameplay settings for Scare level. Perfect to have you jumping out of your skin on Haloween!

2/ Project Zomboid

The Zombie Apocalypse has descended! This game is all about avoiding being eaten by the hoards of ‘Zeds’ and scavenging supplies to survive. I like to think you have to employ much the same tactics as I do when hiding from the local ‘Trick or Treaters’. Because the sweeties are ALL MINE!

3/ Natures Zombie Apocalypse

Well that’s it the whole entirety of the human race are ‘Zeds’. “Who will look after the poor little animals”? Hmmm well if you believe that an machine gun wielding Elephant  or a Baseball bat toting Gorilla are defenceless you may wat to jup in and try this game. The best thing? It’s a local-multiplayer too. Get your mates in. Get the Beers in and, start screaming!

4/ The Escapists The Walking Dead

Zombies are most definitely in this year! Unless you are a Zombie yourself you’re surely familiar with the story of The Walking Dead. You play as Rick Grimes, leading a rag-tag band of folk (hopefully) to safety from the hoards of the Undead!

5/ Warhammer Vermintide

Why is this game scary? Hmmm well it may have something to do with having to battle with Vermin (Skaven) which are twice the size of you, have a poor temperament and like trying to kill folk. This game is both tense and frenetic in parts. Perfect for a night in on a cold dark evening!

Have a happy #Halloween From all of us at ClubitTV 👻