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Shopkins Season 3 Toys Unboxing


Shopkins are the great new collectable, shareable and tradeable toys developed by Moose Toys. Moose toys are also the guys behind Zelfs and Little Live Pets! 

Shopkins are huge! – Over 70 million Shopkin toys have been sold worldwide since their launch in 2014. There are 148 (and counting) individual Shopkins to collect. There are different colours to the same toy to increase the available range. To provide further interest to the collectivity of Shopkins they are divided up into desirability categories;

  • Common
  • Exclusive
  • Limited Edition
  • Rare
  • Special Edition
  • Ultra Rare

There is even a golden Shopkin! (Although I don’t think you’ll get much thrift from your local jewellery store if you try and trade it in) Check out our youngest TV presenter, Thalia unboxing some Shopkins Season Three products: ‘Blind Bags’, Scoops Ice Cream Truck and Blind baskets!

Thalia Unboxing Shopkins
Thalia Unboxing Shopkins

All the Shopkins toys are categorised by their location within the “Grocery” store. These groups are ever expanding as the Shopkins range grows :

  • Home-wares
  • Baby
  • Bakery
  • Cleaning & Laundry
  • Hats
  • International Foods
  • Dairy
  • Frozen Food
  • Health & Beauty
  • Pantry
  • Party Food
  • Shoes
  • Stationary
  • Sweet Treats

Shopkins also have a range of associated, consumerism based accessories to accompany the Shopkins characters. These include:

  • The Shopkins Shoppin’ Cart
  • Shopkins So Cool Fridge
  • Shopkins Fruit & Veg stand
  • Shopkins Spin Mix Bakery Stand
  • Shopkins Small Mart

A lot of the Shopkins sets come with ‘Blind’ bags. These are great for keeping a bit of mystery and suspense when kids are collecting Shopkins products!