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Introducing Vinco Fly RFID Passport Holder

Vinco Fly

Unlike traditional passport holders which are far too bulky, Vinco Fly effortlessly provides security with a custom dual-layered RFID film. At only half a millimeter thick, its slim profile will provide you with seamless security.

Vinco Wallet & Vinco Fly
Vinco Wallet for Credit Cards & Vinco Fly for Passports

After their first successful campaign on indiegogo for an RFID Blocking Wallet, the team at Vinco Life have designed another product The Vinco Fly Passport Holder. It looks very similar however provides protection where it is needed most: Identity theft. Identity theft is Britain’s fastest-growing white-collar crime, increasing at nearly 500% a year. This is mainly caused by the lack of knowledge about the technology which the ePassports hold.

What Vinco Fly Protects
What Vinco Fly Protects

From an ePassport you can take the following details with cheap RFID scanner which can be bought on eBay: Name, Digitized Photograph, Fingerprint, Passport Number, Date of Birth, Place of Birth and Nationality.

Vinco Fly Key Features
Vinco Fly Key Features


Why You Need Vinco Fly?

  1. Protects you and your family from identity theft
  2. Peace of mind protection when you need it most (whilst travelling)
  3. Works with all passport types
  4. Costs £15/$23 – A small price to pay to prevent your identity being stolen

If you or members of your family are frequent international travellers and are security conscious – You absolutely need this product! – Checkout the link below to see how you can get your hands on one.

Vinco Fly

Vinco Fly