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eBay is 20!


eBay turned 20 years old this week after being launched as AuctionWeb on the 3rd September 1995. The switch to eBay happened in 1997.

Just two years later in ’99 eBay.co.uk was launched. Now, the UK buys more items using eBay per capita than any where else in the world. The astonishing figures don’t end there though. Sales on eBay are now higher than the GDP of Croatia, amongst other countries and there are approximately 800 million items on eBay at any one time.

Every 7 seconds a pair of shoes are bought on mobile app in the UK. As well as 15 seconds for a handbag. 1/3 of the UK use eBay at least once a month.

Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich holds the largest purchase record of $168million. When he bought a 405ft luxury yacht. Bargain.

We at Clubit have been trading on eBay since the 26th September 2002. That’s just over 3 years after eBay was rolled out in the UK. Now we’re a top rated seller of Toys, Games, Gadgets and loads of other great stuff.

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Clubit eBay Store


Further to this our Wholesale division, Clubit Wholesale, has looked after many, many people and businesses who are getting into eTailing through eBay amongst other eTail platforms. If you are a retailer or etailer why not head over to our trade only website http://clubitwholesale.com and sign up for our latest wholesale stock offers and price lists.