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Apple look to capitalise on casual gamer market.


Apple are widely expected to make games a primary component of their next development of Apple TV. The announcement and details are expected on Wednesday 9th in San Francisco. 

In 2007 Apple released iPhone. This arguably kicked off a multi-billion dollar mobile games industry. The unit (Apple TV) seems to be adding gaming functionality to is current capabilities of streaming of videos and music.

The next generation Apple TV is expected to be ‘beefed up’ with a greater graphics capability. Along with the remote to double as a gaming controller and App store for games. My thoughts are that this unit will borrow from Mac-Mini. The Mini costs £399 at base level. Doesn’t include any peripherals such as, monitor, keyboard or mouse. It’s equipped with a 1.4Ghz i5 intel processor, 500GB storage, Intel HD 5000 graphics card. It also has HDMI and USB port connectivity. Arguably, not quite as powerful in the right areas for AAA gaming as a PS4? But, in my mind the functionality within Apple already exists.

Jan Davidson, Chief Analyst at Jackdaw Research has said “…potential to bring casual gaming to the living room and make it a much more social activity”. Nintendo had notable success in the casual gaming field with the Wii. So it seems most likely that the market is there ready and waiting, as it is assumed that Apple will not be targeting Xbox or Playstation’s market share.

Some people are sceptical however, over Apples ability to enthuse Game developers to make titles available for Apple TV. As the current game ‘devs’ involved with Apple already have great success with iPhone and iPad game development.

We watch and wait with great interest! JP