#FOMO: YouTube Gaming Launching Today


YouTube have today (26/08/2015 UK) launched YouTube Gaming. A dedicated streaming and hosting service for Gamers and Gaming enthusiasts. Going head-to-head with Twitch. We have sifted through the hype and come up with our thoughts!

The key points of the new platform YouTube are keen to highlight are:

  • 25,000 Games with a designated channel.
  • Subscribing to a Game channel will give the user notification when live streams starting.
  • Prioritised game specific search engine.

Digging a bit deeper YouTube will be continuing with their 60fps streaming and DVR functionality. This allows automatic conversion into a YouTube video once the stream is finished. Very neat and tidy. However, they seem to have built out the need to schedule a stream. This could be a very useful operational feature for a channel owner wanting to stream their content as-and-when. We’re not all The Diamond Minecart after all!

There are various current apps for console, PC and mobile/tablet which allow streaming and we’re interested to see in time which apps will be the most functional as companions to YouTube Gaming. Further to this YouTube gaming will allow Channels to use a single link to navigate users to the currently streaming video. As we understand it, that link will be unchanging from a channels first stream. Great function when considering 3rd party web space call-to-action functionalities.

You will be able to add games (and we believe channels too) to your collections. This feature looks useful as most people will have certain games they want details about. It looks as if a ‘collections’ based system could be useful to provide that natural content filtering.

YouTube have also highlighted designate iOS and Android apps for YouTube Gaming.

So, Twitch. As most people are aware is the go-to place for streamed gaming videos. It seems Google agree. They were in the running to buy Twitch before Amazon completed the deal. Now rather than owning Twitch they are looking to compete directly with them. It’s just continuing that theme we see from Google that they seem to have a genuine Fear Of Missing Out.

Arguably, something which could potentially alienate the Gaming community is YouTubes’ fairly invasive monitization policy regarding advertising. I think we’re fairly used to it in general but, could it be something which holds broadcasters back from moving from Twitch to YouTube Gaming? Another fairly obvious asset with Twitch is that they already have an established user base of Streamers.

A massive factor which enhances YouTube Gamings chances of becoming top dog is that of the sheer mass of users and user confidence.

Top game content makers YouTube v Twitch
Top game content makers YouTube v Twitch by Clubit TV 26/08/15

The table above just shows that the numbers are weighted in YouTubes favour. Further to this YouTube believes that there are a large proportion of potential Game related content creators out there who, for whatever reason are not currently active.

So, hopefully the competition starts driving standards upward. Which is of course great news for the consumer.

One thing is for sure. We here at Clubit are intrigued as to the future of Gaming content streaming.