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Bigfoot Monster Truck Number 17

Big Foot #17 Jumping Over Cars
Big Foot #17 Jumping Over Cars

Bigfoot #17 was the headline act at the Yorkshire Post Motor Show and Classic Car Rally at Harewood House near Leeds on Fathers Day 2015. In this video Bigfoot is performing its tricks and stunts to the crowds and fans.

Bigfoot #17 owned and driven or should we say piloted by Nigel Morris and crewed by Lisa Morris (or Mrs Bigfoot to her friends) is the only monster truck in Europe to be licenced by the Bigfoot team in the USA to be able to use the name Bigfoot. If one were to take the time to count the number of Bigfoot monster trucks in the USA you will find that number 17 is missing. This means that BIGFOOT 17 truly is a Bigfoot monster truck. It is said that Bob George a motor sports promotor coined the phrase “Monster Truck” when referring to Big Foot in the USA. The term “Monster Truck” became the generic name for all trucks with oversized terra tyers.

Bigfoot #17 with Nigel Morris
Bigfoot #17 with Nigel Morris

Not all monster trucks are the same and are built to the owners specifications. Bigfoot 17 is 10ft high 12.6ft wide and 18ft long. It has an engine size of 572 cubic inches and is a V8 Ford racing engine fuelled on methanol. If you were thinking of getting a monster truck please just remember that Bigfoot 17 does around 56……. Yards to the gallon.
Nigel and Lisa Morris take Bigfoot #17 all over Europe and have even taken it to the middle east. Bigfoot #17 is transported in a large articulated truck with living quarters in the front and a workshop in the back. By their very nature monster trucks break off wheels or snap half shafts when they land on crushed cars. When you are far from home in the middle of Poland you need to be able to fix your monster truck.

Big Foot #17 Jumping Over Cars
Big Foot #17 Jumping Over Cars

Because methanol is a very volatile fuel Nigel is kitted out in a full fire proof racing suit with a full face racing helmet and the truck has a fire suppression system. For extra safety most trucks also have a remote engine shut-off switch called a remote ignition interrupter so that a team member can shut the engine off from a safe distance should the worst happen and the driver lost control in an accident. At the end of the day the truck is jacked up and it’s large wheels are taken off and a set of little skinny wheels are put on, the truck then fits into the body of the artic and then the large wheels fit in behind.
Bigfoot 17 has also appeared on a number of television shows such as Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, Sky One’s ‘The Race’, The Gadget Show and the BBC’s The One Show.

This article was written by Mike Cook from Action Stills who has also written a book about Monster Trucks.
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