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Amazing One Man Orchestra

Ben Morfitt from Squid Physics
Ben Morfitt from Squid Physics

This is a must watch video of an amazing guy playing a full orchestra – the video aptly named ‘One Man Orchestra’ features a super cool 24 year old dude from Yorkshire called Ben Morfitt.

Clubit recently met up with Ben Morfitt prior to finishing this awesome video and we asked a few questions, see below:

Ben Morfitt from Squid Physics
Ben Morfitt from Squid Physics

Clubit interview with Ben Morfitt.

Question: – What was your inspiration for the One Man Orchestra video?

Answer: I’ve had the idea a lot longer than i can remember but I had to get good enough at all of the instruments before I could even think about pulling it off!

Question: – How many different instruments were used?

Answer: I think in this video, I used about 15 various musical instruments

Question: – Can you tell us more about Pegul?

Answer: Pegul is basically a cartoony franchise similar to Mario or Sonic. What for, we have no idea? We just started creating it when we were about 10 years old. It could work as a video game or a film, we have unlimited ideas for it. Maybe one day we might be able to do something with it but it’s been put on hold for now.

Question: – Was the cat planned to be in the One Man Orchestra video or did it just gatecrash the party?

Answer: Yeah whilst filming the video, Ed (my cat) kept walking into shot, but in that shot i decided to pick him up!

Question: – What is your dream job?

Answer: My dream job is probably to be a composer for a film or game but I like to keep things interesting so i’m always open to other career paths too!

Question – Which is your favourite instrument?

Answer: Drums or Sax

Question – Which is your favourite video game soundtrack?

Answer: Gears of War is up there, but I also like less serious stuff like Sonic Adventure 2 battle!

Question – Would you like to create music for video games?

Answer: Yes!!!!

Question – Finally can you give us an insight into any of your next projects?

Answer: I’ve got a couple of things coming up! One is similar to my one man orchestra but on a smaller scale and there will be dancing so it should be entertaining! There is also something exciting in the pipeline with Square Enix.

This guy is definately up and coming so please make sure you subscribe to his You Tube channel Squid Physics to see more of what this talented lad can do.