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Introducing the Amazing AppKettle

The AppKettle in Action
The AppKettle in Action

Calling all tea and coffee lovers!! The AppKettle billed as the smart kettle with vision is on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding website. In todays connected world the AppKettle is unique in the way that it is controlled via a live smartphone app.

The AppKettle in Action
The AppKettle in Action

We believe this is the coolest, geekiest, techiest and smartest kettle for all you gadget lovers out there!


The main features of the App Kettle are below:

Temperature Control with colour changing led lights that correspond to the colours on the app

Volume Measurement – see how many cups of water are in the kettle

Energy Saving – understand wastage and overboiling

Smart Scheduling

Baby Bottle features allows parents to make up baby formula to desired temperature

Cloud Enabled

Share Preferences for different tea types such as green tea.

Brew rounds – share with friends and family

Clubit recently met up with the guys from Appkettle (see the video demonstration below)