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The Vinco Wallet has been designed by three University friends (Ibbe, Sam & Jalil) who are seeking to engineer a class of products to reduce everyday hassles. The inspiration came after Sam was unknowingly targeted by fraudsters as he explains; “After it became apparent somebody had helped themselves to my already dwindling student bank balance, through what transpired to be theft known as Card Skimming I was at a loss of what to do in every sense”.

The Super Slim & Secure Vinco Wallet
The Super Slim & Secure Vinco Wallet


The team had already piloted an origami wallet prior to this incident, so after some rumination and late nights they began to explore how security but style could be incorporated into just one wallet. The Blueprint was born out of the ashes, of their first endeavour into the wallet industry.

Jalil highights the key dynamics of Vinco “Coming in at under half a millimetre, Vinco is thinner than a single card. Whilst a blend of flashspun high-density fibers ensure your cards and cash are kept dry. Vinco additionally stops card ‘skimming’ by blocking unwanted RFID signals to your contactless cards, ensuring you’re the only one using them”.

Vinco is RFID Proof
Vinco is RFID Proof


The robust material that provides the back bone to this wallet is known as ‘’Tyvek’, an incredibly strong material emanating from a combination of resilient polymers. With a trio of; strength, security and elegance Ibbe declared this wallet “Unrivalled” in the current market.

The team project one final message to pull in the crowd “If you’ve been looking for a modern wallet that does all you need and leaves the excess behind, you’re at the right place. We need your help to bring Vinco to you. All of the plans are in place but they can’t go forward without your support. We hope you’ll join us in our pursuit of simplicity”.

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