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Never wake up late again!

Racing Helmet Alarm Clock
Sound and Motion Activated Red Racing Helmet Alarm Clock

 You have no excuse to not wake up every morning on time with this diverse range of alarm clocks from Clubit.co.uk

Skylanders Giants Alarm Clock

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This awesome Skylanders Giants alarm clock is perfect for any Skylanders fan. The traditional style alarm clock is mainly orange with blue twin ringing bells and has a Skylanders Giants graphic on the clock face.

Racing Helmet Alarm Clock

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For the car or motorbike enthusiast, this is the perfect gift. Sound and motion activated the red Racing Helmet Alarm Clock has a digital display. So just by clapping or making a sound the clock display can be seen in bright red beneath the visor.

Amy Winehouse Rehab Alarm Clock

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This awesome Pink Twin Bell Weenicons alarm clock featuring the iconic Amy Winehouse.  The traditional alarm clock has removable pink mufflers for hangover mornings!

Remember with Clubit.co.uk the more you buy the more you save, so why not get your friends one and make sure they are not late for anything again.