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Blazefall Binalblades

Blazefall Binalblades the video game launches on Kickstarter.


Blazefall Binalblades
Blazefall Binalblades

Blazefall Binalblades is a 2D fast paced, hand drawn side scrolling video game. The characters you can play are Vox and Vinyl who are a pair from a secretive order known as the Binalblades.

The main feature that makes this game different from other 2D games is the day and night system. The day/night system requires you to plan which levels you tackle, in which order, whilst utilizing Vox and Vinyl’s power of the Sun and Moon to overcome the challenges faced in the many different and unique levels.

The main features of Blazefall Binalblades are:

  • A thoughtful day and night system that will affect Vox and Vinyl’s abilities.
  • Dual character system so you can play as Vox and Vinyl simultaneously and you can switch between them with the press of a button.
  • Unlock new abilities throughout the game.
  • Fully voiced dialogue
  • Hand drawn story sequences.
  • 14 levels are planned for the game, with 7 boss fights.
  • Level selection allows YOU to decide which order to play the levels in!
  • The video game is currently in development for the PC, Mac and Wii U.

You can back the Blazefall Binalblades project on Kickstarter by Clicking Here

Clubit TV met up and interviewed Carl Reddington from Enchantainment last year and talked about his new video game Blazefall Binalblades which was still in the pre alpha stage.

The video was filmed by Clubit TV and presented by James Cusack at Ga-Ma-Yo 7 (Game Makers Yorkshire Networking Event held at Leeds Dock, West Yorkshire on Thursday 13th November 2014